Room Coral
4:00 P.m.
Promote Your Business and Your Profits with Private Label
Sponsored by CBI Laboratories, Inc.
by Melanie Timms
Have you ever considered branding your own line? In every niche of the professional esthetics industry, there is now a robust market for “own label” products – private label skin care, private label color cosmetics, private label mineral cosmetics, private label make-up brushes… it’s virtually unlimited. If private labeling is a good fit for you, it might be the best business decision you will ever make. This class is an insight on the do’s and don’ts when you consider launching your own private label skin care products. Learn how to get started, avoid costly mistakes and grow your business.
Room Coronado B
4:00 P.m.
Lash and Brow Styling with RefectoCil
Sponsored by Refectocil
by Jennie McRae
Lash Curl or Lash Lift with SUPER FAST processing time of only 13 minutes! Come see the hottest new eyelash services – Lash Lift and the classic Lash Curl. Learn how to create the perfect brow shape in just two minutes, and other master tips & tricks for perfect lash and brow styling.
Room Coronado C
4:00 P.m.
Provide Game Changing Results with Pure Peptides and Optimize Modality Outcomes
Sponsored by Viktoria De’Ann Peptide Cosmeceuticals
by Susan Wade
Learn how pure peptides are the answer for natural, healthy, beautiful skin. Set yourself apart from your competition by combining pure bioavailable peptides when using different modalities (micro-current, LED, micro-channeling, radio-frequency, micro-needling, etc.). You will learn how to identify pure peptides, how peptides function at the cellular level and how they are the master communicators to the health of the skin.
Room Coronado D
4:00 P.m.
5 P’s of Chemical Peeling
Sponsored by Circadia by Dr. Pugliese
by Michael Pugliese
This comprehensive workshop will address using acids in the treatment room focusing on the 5 p’s of peeling: optimizing pre-treating, the relationship between pH and the strength of the peeling acids, understanding the concepts behind percentages, pK values, and the importance of post care. We will also highlight unique delivery systems and an overview of peel options delivered by Circadia.
Room Cortez A
4:00 P.m.
Lift, Tighten & Hydrate with Vegan Peptides, Stem Cells, and RF Current
Sponsored by Saian Natural Clinical Skincare
by Dasha Saian
Instant and cumulative results using a portable hand-held RF and products with hyaluronic acid, neuropeptides, stem cells, bioplacenta, collagen, and growth factors. Join us for a live demo of a face and neck-lift using our newest RF machine, and our award-winning hypoallergenic products. Find out why we are one of the easiest boutique professional lines on the market to work with. No minimum order, low cost per treatment, no amazon sales. Certificate of attendance provided.
Room Cortez B
4:00 P.m.
Korean V-Line Facelifts
Sponsored by Le Mieux Cosmetics/PurErb™Skin Care
by Janel Luu
Discover Korea’s alternative to cosmetic surgery: V-line facelifts! Join Janel Luu, CEO of Le Mieux Cosmetics and authority on Korean re-sculpting facials, as she reveals ingenious techniques for transforming your clients’ skin. You’ll be amazed at results from V-line face-lifting and fascia re-sculpting, paired with the latest scientific buzzword—mitochondria—to reverse skin aging. Define contours, smooth crepiness, re-energize cells and leave skin smooth, glowing, and youthful-looking. Live demo.
Room Cortez C
4:00 P.m.
The Importance of Skin Hydration and the Role of Hyaluronic Acid
Sponsored by DermaSwiss
by Elizabeth Stankov-Giralt
Skin hydration is a basic factor for the treatment and improvement of any skin condition. Learn about the difference between humectants and moisturizers and how both terms complement each other to achieve an adequate hydration. We will also talk about the roles and benefits of hyaluronic acid and lactic acid for skin health and hydration. Professional treatment and follow up at home for dry skin.
Room Cortez D
4:00 P.m.
Brows to Brazilian with the Latest Waxing Techniques
Sponsored by Depilève
by Deanna Derthick
Learn how to use different waxes, strip and stripless wax for facial and body waxing. We will teach the advanced techniques for waxing any body part, avoiding breakage, redness, and irritation. Guaranteed to never lift skin! Also learn Depileve’s Ten Minute Leg Wax technique, full brazilian waxing professional techniques and sculpt eyebrows using the simple Three Point Depileve Method.
Room De La Salle
4:00 P.m.
Discover How to Customize and Layer Natural Peels and Exfoliants to Target Multiple Skin Concerns at the Same Time
by Brian Goodwin
Gain an innovative understanding of organic peels and exfoliants and how to provide results that target your client’s skin concerns while leaving side effects behind. Revolutionary Alpha Hydroxy Acids and smarter, gentler peel formulations effectively exfoliate and provide incredible results, even for rosacea, without any down time. Over-exfoliation and peeling with harsh, synthetic chemicals can lead to chronically inflamed, compromised skin that ages prematurely. With organic peels and exfoliants, you can target more than one concern and provide your clients even more remarkable, proven results.
Room Emerald
4:00 P.m.
Nano Channeling, Microneedling and Skin Imperfections Removal
Sponsored by Merry Laz Aesthetics USA
by Gigi Jara & Zahi Kazan
Learn the new concept of nano channeling and how to perform microneedling with the Meso Touch Plus protocol. This class will also teach you how to remove skin imperfection with a one-time treatment with perfect touch. Training certificate available with purchase of product.
Room Sapphire
4:00 P.m.
Relax… Let’s Wax!
Sponsored by Relax and Wax
by Debbie Merhar
Successful waxing starts with a solid foundation. In this class, you will learn proper techniques, proper wax application and removal to make your waxing less painful, easier, and more profitable. Learn from “The Waxing Mentor” proper body positioning and how to correct the waxing issues you are having. Also, learn how to keep your clients coming back and sending you referrals. Male and female brazilian demonstrations. Waxing models needed for all wax classes. Please contact Michelle at 775-830-7546 or email